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Unreal Engine 5.1 feature highlights

  1. Nanite: This is a virtualized micropolygon geometry system that allows for incredibly detailed and realistic environments. It enables artists to create highly detailed assets without worrying about polygon budgets, resulting in more immersive and visually stunning worlds.

  2. Lumen: Lumen is a fully dynamic global illumination solution. It provides realistic lighting effects by simulating how light interacts with different surfaces and materials in real-time. With Lumen, developers can achieve dynamic lighting effects without the need for pre-baking or complex lightmap setups.

  3. Niagara VFX: Niagara is Unreal Engine's visual effects system, and Unreal Engine 5 introduces improvements to it. It allows artists and designers to create complex and realistic particle effects, simulations, and dynamic animations. Niagara provides a flexible and scalable framework for creating a wide range of visual effects.

  4. MetaHuman Creator: Unreal Engine 5 introduces the MetaHuman Creator, a tool that simplifies the process of creating realistic and high-fidelity human characters. It enables artists to generate unique digital humans by customizing various parameters such as facial features, body types, and hairstyles.

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